Pain Management

Provided by Fergus Coutts

Fergus uses a fully integrated approach to pain management, working closely with you and your referring veterinary practice. He looks at all aspects of your pet’s health - the big picture.

Your pet will benefit from the recent, tremendous advances in the understanding of the science of pain, with the subsequent development of new medicines and techniques for compassionate treatment. These innovations are harnessed to ensure your pet receives the very best in veterinary pain management.

Pain is a complex disease, but it can be effectively managed with a combination of pain-relieving medicines, physical rehabilitation and a range of complementary therapies to treat the problem from all angles - a multimodal approach.

Evaluation starts with a comprehensive, biobehavioural assessment of all aspects of your pet’s pain, including an appraisal of biomedical pain mechanisms and any behavioural factors contributing to pain. An individual treatment plan for your pet is then developed, working closely with both you and your referring veterinary surgeon.

Once safe and effective pain management is in place your pet may benefit from a planned programme of physical rehabilitation, leading to improved mobility.