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Millie, was seen at Crown Vets Referrals after an altercation with a car on the A9 near the Kessock Bridge. She was non-weight bearing lame on her left forelimb and had a lot of bruising and swelling near her carpus or wrist joint. Radiographs confirmed an initial suspicion that she had fractured both the radius and ulna making it impossible for her to take her weight on this leg.


We discussed with the owner that fractures of this kind in an animal of Millie’s size and age heal poorly with casting and support bandaging and that a surgical repair would allow a more predictable and faster return to normal function. In this case one good option was to fix the fracture rigidly using a specially engineered metal bone plate and bone screws.


The radiographs below show Millie’s fracture before and after surgery showing the placement of the metal bone plate and screws. Millie is now enjoying a completely normal life and has no functional problems.