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Diesel’s Story

Floss came to see us at CVR with a problem with her waterworks!


Her owner was finding lots of wet spots where she was lying and on occasional she would unconsciously dribble urine whilst walking. This was distressing for both her and her owner and so we set about finding out what was happening!


A common condition in young female dogs that can lead to these symptoms, occurs where the tubes from the kidneys - the ureters - bypass the bladder making storage of urine difficult and urine leakage likely. With this in mind we performed some xrays and a CT scan using special dye known as 'contrast'. This contrast enables us to see exactly where all the components of the urinary tract are positioned, making a diagnosis possible.

The CT scan confirmed this was the cause of Floss's problem and allowed us to correct things surgically. The ureters on our image are shown by green arrows bypassing the bladder completely. The black arrow shows a more normal position for the ureter to enter the bladder.


Floss underwent a surgical procedure to re-direct her urine flow known as a neoureterocystotomy. This involves making a tiny incision into the bladder wall and ureter and creating a new opening to allow the bladder to fill correctly. This is a very delicate procedure but was performed very successfully. 6 months later and Floss hasn't leaked since. We're happy to report she's back to running up mountains wearing daisy chains on her head!

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