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Diesel’s Story

Diesel is well known to the staff at Crown Vets Referrals having been treated early in 2014 for a right forelimb lameness. At this time we used radiographs, joint sampling and arthroscopy to confirm and treat a common elbow condition in large dogs known as Medial Coronoid Disease. This condition occurs due to a number of dynamic and static developmental issues within the elbow joint and results in a fissure fracture or fragmentation of a boney process known as the medial coronoid, resulting in pain and joint inflammation.

This condition can be treated by retrieval of the fragment of bone using arthroscopic surgery. A small camera is inserted in to the joint with images displayed on a flat screen computer monitor. Once the fragment is located it is removed using tiny, specially designed instruments and the joint flushed to remove any debris. The video link shows the surgeons’ view of Diesel’s elbow and shows a small instrument wobbling the bone fragment before removal.

Diesel recovered well from his surgery and his lameness resolved within a few weeks however since this is an issue that can involve both joints it was no surprise to see Diesel back again with an identical lameness in his left elbow in Autumn 2014. He is currently recovering well from his second procedure.

Diesel also benefitted from the administration of Autologous Platelet Therapy, a novel cell preparation, which can improve the outlook for dogs with cartilage deficits and arthritis. See Annie’s story for more information